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    Salon Garten Bach & Blumen
    Bach meets Beats Solo Cello, Live elektronik, Loops
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The Cello Player

For me, artistic endeavours are reminiscent of the type of unencumbered play I experienced as a child. The freedom and resulting self-confidence I experience give me space for creating my music. This is why I am so happy to always have my cello – an instrument capable of so many different sounds – as my faithful traveling companion.

The Instructor

Professionalism unfolds in an atmosphere where the love of music co-exists with a love for precision. For me, teaching is a blend of giving and learning. Multi-talented students challenge me to become a better instructor, mentor, and coach. Closely observing and listening to them enriches my own experience.

The Producer

My artistic motivation also finds expression in initiating projects based on interdisciplinary concepts. Communication, organisation and production, for me, mean the ability to be both sender and receiver. I find it fascinating to bring together a group of enthusiastic people and give them space in which to collaborate.

The Arranger

The language of music is universal in its emotional reach. To me, making new connections between existing pieces, thereby creating space for improvisation and the eager invention of new possibilities is like a kind of musical playground where forms and sounds can be discovered.