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The Professional Journey of a Leipzig Cellist

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Lukas Dreyer, well-known as solo cellist in the Altenburg-Gera Philharmonic Orchestra, founder of the 12 Thuringian Cellists, instructor at the Weimar (Germany) University of Music, as well as co-initiator and artistic director of the Leipzig Wave-Gothic festival’s WGT Music Chamber, has made the musical rounds of Germany’s states of Thuringia and Saxony. The cellist ultimately achieved international recognition through his cello quartet quattrocelli, which he initialised with student collegues , and which is now celebrating its 20th anniversary. Combining his love of Baroque music and jazz, in 2015, he founded the international concert ensemble “Freiraum Syndikat”, which, with a bold combination of cello, jazz guitar, and two recorders, recreates the opulence of an entire chamber orchestra in its performances. The four musicians’ specialty is their mutual attempt to break boundaries and leave behind comfort zones, while, in a blend of improvisation, playful refinement, and a mixture of differing musical styles spanning over four centuries, creating never-before-heard musical novelties. The ensemble’s success has already led to collaboration with such renowned musicians and composers as Moritz Eggert, and Henning Sieverts.
Since 2017 Lukas Dreyer's focus on solistic play is more on his instrument Cello. He played on international Festivals in Italy (Casalmaggiore) and Germany (WGT) with the musicians and composers David Braid (Canada) and Moritz Eggert (Germany) showing programs with music between classic, modern music, jazz and improvisation.

1969 Born in Doebeln/Saxonia as the eldest of three children in a musical family
1980 First cello lessons, at the age of eleven
1992 – 1999 University studies in Chamber Music in Frankfurt a.M. and Budapest, concert examinations in Aachen
1997 – 2019 Founder and arranger of quattrocelli
1999 – 2013 Solo cellist with the Altenburg-Gera Philharmonic Orchestra
2007 – 2012 Founder of 12 Thuringian Cellists
2011 – present Co-founder and Artistic Director of the WGT Musik Kammer (Leipzig Wave Gothic Festival)
2015 – present Founder and Director of the Eichsfelder Domfestspiele
2015 – present Founder and Director of Freiraum Syndikat

Teaching Activities

2007 – present Instructor for Cello and Orchestra Studies, FRANZ LISZT University of Music, Weimar, Germany
2009 - 2011 Instructor of Cello at the Belvedere Music Academy, Weimar, Germany
2010 – 2016 Instructor of Cello at the “August Hermann Francke” Landesgymnasium Latina (State Secondary School), Halle, Germany
2013 -2014, 2017 Mentor at the “Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy” University of Music, Leipzig, Germany
2021 (upcoming) digital cello studio / masterclass & tutorials NEW

Collaborative Projects

2006 Chick Corea “In the spirit of Mozart”, Tour
2010 Lalo Schifrin Commissioned works for quattrocelli
2014 Henning Sieverts “Tonspuren”
2015 Frank Soehnle Puppet-show project
2015 - present Moritz Eggert Leipzig Wave Gothic Festival, Songs & La BETTLEROPERa composed for FREIRAUM SYNDIKAT
2016 Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Theater and Philharmony Thuningia musical play reading
2017 David Braid Canada, Music Festival Casalmaggiore Italy
2017 Neuköllner Oper Berlin, Balletto Civile, Genua, FREIRAUM SYNDIKAT
2018 Kurt Weill Tage Dessau, BR, München, FREIRAUM SYNDIKAT
2019 m-Arts HMT Leipzig, Susanne Knapp OBSESSION project

Influential Encounters

Alban Berg Quartett, Amadeus Quartett, Armando Chick Corea, Bartók Quartett, Daniel-Robert Graf, David Braid, Gabriel Feltz, Hans-Christian Schweiker, Hubert Buchberger, Lalo Schifrin, Melos Quartett, Moritz Eggert, Jürgen Meier, Sabine Schramm, Sandor Devich, Uzi Wiesel, Smetana Quartett


Foundation Villa Musica
Sellheim Foundation
Ernst von Siemens Foundation
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